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A 2013 Space Gab Podcast was featured in the COSMOS 2019 Movie


Have you ever wondered what a radio signal from HAARP looks or sounds like...???  Wonder no more! (Click the picture below)



#118 >>>  Audio for 22 Dec 2019  Length - 55min (mp3 file)  <<<

 The Boeing Starliner has landed at White Sands New Mexico, and it now has a name. Plus... the full audio of the Post Landing News Conference.


#117 >>>  Audio for 21 Dec 2019  Length - 59min (mp3 file)  <<<

 Update on the Boeing Starliner mission, to include another news conference via telephone that was hosted by NASA.


#116 >>>  Audio for 20 Dec 2019  Length - 52min (mp3 file)  <<<

 The Boeing Starliner space capsule failed to reach a proper orbit to be able to dock with the ISS on it's un-crewed test flight this morning. Here is the ENTIRE AUDIO of today's NASA press conference explaning what they know now, followed by a question and answer period.


#115 >>>  Audio for 18 Dec 2019  Length - 14min (mp3 file)  <<<

 Astronaut Anne McClain gets a puppy - maybe she should have gotten a goldfish instead, Boeing Starliner preparing for test flight to ISS, Soyuz rocket launches 5 satellites, SpaceX launch of Boeing built satellite, China launches two navagation satellites, Article about TTSA information not what it seems - they are still being very hush hush about much, North Korea still testing more rocket engines, China's Farside Moon rover breaks record, Why is this space related movie rated only 2-1/2 stars???


#114 >>>  Audio for 10 Dec 2019  Length - 14min (mp3 file)  <<<

 New Shepard launch with postcards, SpaceX Starlink satellites to have less reflective coating, citizen scientists help test space suit, China launch providers and impact, Cool view of Ariane 5 launch, 1000 year space mission to save human race, Ghostbusters AfterLife movie, North Korea launches and rocket tests, Two cargo spacecraft arrive at ISS one day apart, TTSA AATIP UFO program claims meet more push back from government, COSMOS movie update.


#113 >>>  Audio for 04 Dec 2019  Length - 16min (mp3 file)  <<<

 SpaceX Falcon 9 Cargo Dragon launch scrub, 2nd stage experiment after launch, asteroid strike to wipe out all of us, Boeing Starliner commercial crew spaceship on Atlas-V rocket with access arm extended, India's Vikram lunar lander crash site has been found by someone very interesting, very good article about the Space Force, ESA signs on for asteroid smashing effort, my childhood telescope once again looks at the moon.


#112 >>>  Audio for 20 Nov 2019  Length - 17min (mp3 file)  <<<

 Major milestone for the ISS, China performs re-launch capabilities, SpaceX news on using Starship for robotic technology launches to lunar surface, 5 additional companies selected for scientific payload launches to moon, Space alien research to become a college class (PSETI), Sunrise/Sunset photos, Colorado Astronomy Net update, HappyWax TV movie review of COSMOS 2019.


#111 >>>  Audio for 13 Nov 2019  Length - 15min (mp3 file)  <<<

 The COSMOS Movie 2019 is now in theaters and On-Demand, numerous rocket launches in China this week, upcoming spacewalk outside the ISS this week, Op-Ed about the first all female spacewalk, goodbye photos of an asteroid after mission complete, the snowman asteroid gets a new name, many photos and videos of the SpaceX Starlink satellites as they cross the sky, Boeing suggests a new way to land on moon, cool photos of Colorado mountains from the ISS, Hidden Figures Gold Medal Act, fireball photos fill the news.


#110 >>>  Audio for 01 Nov 2019  Length - 27min (mp3 file)  <<<

 COSMOS Movie coming out this month, Space Force radio show.


#109 >>>  Audio for 16 Oct 2019  Length - 19min (mp3 file)  <<<

 Is a Moon Landing in 2024 funded?, A flying saucer from China, First all female spacewalk update, A new spacesuit unveiled for Moon program, A space elevator to the moon, Was life found on Mars in the 1970's?, Sarah Scoles writes about astronaut diary's and her new UFO book, COSMOS movie has a U.S. premiere in Beverly Hills, COSMOS on-demand on-line locations, Stanton Friedman's UFO research documents to be looked at, UK moon rover heading to lunar surface.


#108 >>>  Audio for 09 Oct 2019  Length - 18min (mp3 file)  <<<

 Launches in the news, Satellite that will fuel other satellites, NASA to buy more seats on Soyuz spacecraft to ISS, This Week At NASA audio news, All female ISS spacewalk to happen, NASA Astronaut Anne McClain and spouse Summer Worden back in the news, This is how we are going to the moon NASA promo,  Why are we going back to the moon... to put a women there ... and who or what after that???


#107 >>>  Audio for 02 Oct 2019  Length - 18min (mp3 file)  <<<

 Sounds on Mars via NASA InSight mission, NASA scientist says we are close to making an announcement about life on Mars, COSMOS Movie less than 40 days away from showings in U.S., Space Force everything you want to know, Space Force series adds more characters, Moon lander proposals, China's new spacecraft to take astronauts to the moon, Pegasus rocket launch, Starliner only reusable, SpaceX and NASA see it differently when it comes to crew craft, ICBM launch photo, N. Korea fired another projectile, 3 ISS crew members to return to earth tonight, Starliner pad abort test, SpaceX Mars StarShip gets a new webpage.


#106 >>>  Audio for 25 Sep 2019  Length - 23min (mp3 file)  <<<

 Two spacecraft on way to ISS, China Sat launch, A major FAIL called Storm Area 51 or Alien Stock or whatever, I bought 'The Quickening' book by Art Bell at the Goodwill, The death of Art Bell on Friday the 13th - a friend of Bell, Heather Wade says it was a suicide and she saw the letter he wrote, What Art Bell's friend Karen Jackson says about Art Bell death on Friday the 13th.

LINK to additional audio of Heather Wade talking about Art Bell suicide

#106SE >>> (ONLY Art Bell story) for 25 Sep 2019  Length - 17min (mp3 file)  <<<


#105 >>>  Audio for 18 Sep 2019  Length - 23min (mp3 file)  <<<

 COSMOS Movie Q&A session and movie release in Los Angeles and more, Navy says UFO videos are real, LRO looks for the India Vikram Lunar Lander, My NOAA19 graphics of Tropical Depression over Texas, Storming Area 51 Alien Stock event update, AREA 51 book talk, Lunar space elevator, Brad Pitt talks to an ISS astronaut, Project Artemis lander in trouble?, Crew Dragon test update, more space stories in the media and space related books in stores.

LINK to COSMOS Facebook page with Q&A video mentioned in podcast


#104 >>>  Audio for 11 Sep 2019  Length - 22min (mp3 file)  <<<

 India Vikram Lunar Lander might have made it to lunar surface okay, Many think Vikram lander and rover are not okay, There is a deadline for contact to be made with lander due to lunar night cold temps, HTV cargo ship to ISS delayed due to fire at launch pad, HAARP gets new antenna to receive signals from Jupiter, Navy says UFO videos were not to be released, Flat Earthers see the images, Asteroid blast was big, Alien visits long ago, US Space Command re-established, People of UFOlogy should not be trusted.


#103 >>>  Audio for 04 Sep 2019  Length - 21min (mp3 file)  <<<

 Art Bell secret message to decode in late 1990's, Increased allied roles in space says Space Command, What US Space Command means for Colorado, Space Weather research importance, What will we call members of the Space Force?, Funding for space org, What happens if you commit a crime in space?, Fast Radio Bursts update, India lunar lander getting closer to the moon - it lands on 6 Sep, China satellite launch, ESA and SpaceX satellite collision discussion, Spy sat picture on Twitter discussion, Sat photos of Hurricane Dorian , NASA helps SpaceX scout for good Mars landing sites.


#102 >>>  Audio for 30 Aug 2019  Length - 05min (mp3 file)  <<<

 An update with additional information about NASA Astronaut Anne McClain. Summer Worden told Inside Edition that NASA Astronaut Anne McClain actually stalked her online while she was on the International Space Station for more than six months this year. “She would send me threatening or demeaning e-mails but I did not respond to those,” Worden said.... & more!


#101 >>>  Audio for 28 Aug 2019  Length - 25min (mp3 file)  <<<

 SpaceX Starhopper 500 foot test flight, SpaceX Dragon supply cargo spacecraft leaves the ISS with items returning to earth, Soyuz spacecraft docking undocking and docking again, India lunar lander less than 2 weeks away from moon landing, Space Tugs in the news, Arecibo observatory to look for asteroids, X-37B space plane and alien conspiracy theory, Is NASA astronaut Anne McClain fit to be an astronaut after information that has been in the news lately, McClain and spouse Summer Worden are in a legal battle?, Did NASA astronaut Anne McClain commit a crime on the ISS?

EXTRA : Summer Worden, the lesbian spouse of female NASA Astronaut Anne McClain tells why she went public about McClain's actions, both the crime she is being accused while aboard the ISS space station, and the bitter breakup the couple is going through. Worden's mother also talks about what is going on.  LINK to Good Morning America  interview >


#100 >>>  Audio for 21 Aug 2019  Length - 21min (mp3 file)  <<<

 ISS spacewalk, VP Mike Pence at 6th National Space Council (Long term Moon missions, multi month living on south pole of Moon, Lunar Gateway, Moon to Mars Mission, Human space exploration, Space Force, US Space Command & more), SLS launch timeframe, India moon lander orbiting moon, Comet watching, some UFO news, China comm Sat suffers problem after launch, Alienstock (Area 51 event), & more.


#99 >>>  Audio for 14 Aug 2019  Length - 18min (mp3 file)  <<<

 Hubble can't see it all, Robotic Space Probe estimates higher than expected, EXO-Mars mission in question due to test failure, Very old space dust in the snow, James Webb telescope info, Hubble sees spots & more, 8 NEW radio signals heard from deep space, Largest impact crater in US studied, Storm Area 51 event is now a new venture.


#98 >>>  Audio for 07 Aug 2019  Length - 19min (mp3 file)  <<<

 SpaceX Falcon 9 with AMOS 17 satellite, Proton rocket puts satellite in orbit, ULA ATLAS V launch, Space travel may fry your brain, There's life on the Moon!, Facebook pulls Storm Area 51 pages, Cygnus craft to release Sats, & more.


#97 >>>  Audio for 31 July 2019  Length - 19min (mp3 file)  <<<

 Launch of Progress MS-12 cargo spacecraft to ISS, What is telemetry used for?, Satellite CAS-7B where are you?, Everything we know about the secret X-37B space plane, Humans will never colonize Mars, and more news.


#96 >>>  Audio for 24 July 2019  Length - 33min (mp3 file)  <<<

 SpaceX launching to ISS again, Percentage low for support to Mars and Moon, More about COSMOS Movie, Rosemary Ellen Guiley dies, More Space News , (Starts @15:45min) Update about The Kingdom Of Nye With Heather Wade.


#95 >>>  Audio for 17 July 2019  Length - 35min (mp3 file)  <<<

 Space Gab --- The Premiere of the COSMOS Movie, Apollo 11 50th celebration, Moon landing Tweets , Wade Gab --- The Kingdom Of Nye With Heather Wade talk, Feeding Frenzy on forums and podcasts plus more!


#94 >>>  Audio for 09 July 2019  Length - 27min (mp3 file)  <<<

 History Channel show UNIDENTIFIED--- I call foul!, Wade Gab --- I talk about the stream test and show of The Kingdom Of Nye With Heather Wade.


#93 >>>  Audio for 04 July 2019  Length - 12min (mp3 file)  <<<

 Happy 4th of July message from the International Space Station, ENTRYSat cubesat gets released from ISS, Space News of the week.


#92 >>>  Audio for 27 June 2019  Length - 18min (mp3 file)  <<<

 AMSAT satellite OSCAR 11 transmitting ALIEN SIGNALS?, Space Fence signals raise questions, Beth Chapman dies, SpaceX Falcon Heavy, Gimbal UFO glow not what they thought, UNIDENTIFIED Show questions still.


#91 >>>  Audio for 20 June 2019  Length - 23min (mp3 file)  <<<

 ESA project COMET INTERCEPTOR, CubeSats from the ISS, The Kingdom of Nye with Heather Wade returning, HAARP no open house, UFO show UNIDENTIFIED update, More UFO briefings given, The Moon by 2024.


#90 >>>  Audio for 13 June 2019  Length - 24min (mp3 file)  <<<

 Aerocibo Observatory is transmitting again, Art Bell selected replacement Heather Wade returning to her radio show, New Travel Channel show Alien Highway, History Channel show Unidentified update.


#89 >>>  Audio for 05 June 2019  Length - 19min (mp3 file)  <<<

 Update on Air Force Thunderbird 3 bird strike, History Channel UFO show UNIDENTIFIED episode 1 update,  Articles that call into question truth of those involved in UNIDENTIFIED UFO Show.


#88 >>>  Audio second edition for 30 May 2019  Length - 9min (mp3 file)  <<<

 Air Force Thunderbird 3 lands after AFA flyover, and I wondered why!!!  (NOTE : After podcast found out it was a bird strike that hit Thunderbird 3 canopy)


#87 >>>  Audio for 30 May 2019  Length - 10min (mp3 file)  <<<

Aircraft radio monitoring, SpaceX Starlink satellites in orbit, Air Force One arrives in Colorado Springs - Radio traffic of that arrival, President Trump talks about Space Force at AFA.


#86 >>>  Audio for 23 May 2019  Length - 15min (mp3 file)  <<<

The sharing of a radio interview I did with the late Jerry Pippin while we were at the 2009 Roswell UFO Festival. He mentions Stanton Friedman a number of times too.


#85 >>>  Audio for 15 May 2019  Length - 7min (mp3 file)  <<<

UFO researcher Stanton Friedman, dead at 84 - Friedman wanted to write another book (60 years of Ufology) - Hear April 2019 Stanton Friedman interview excerpt, COSMOS The Movie goes to Cannes Film Festival!


#84 >>>  Audio for 09 May 2019  Length - 12min (mp3 file)  <<<

New York is gone thanks to an asteroid impact (but it was an exercise)... Summary of that exercise, Meteor Crater Radio, Western Tanager birds in my yard!


#83 >>>  Audio for 02 May 2019  Length - 14min (mp3 file)  <<<

An asteroid impact of Earth exercise is happening, and Denver is the impact location on their map, Blue Origin launches another of their New Shepard spacecraft and it was a success!


#82 >>>  Audio for 18 Apr 2019  Length - 11min (mp3 file)  <<<

Update on Israel's lunar lander issue, Cygnus and ThinSat payload launched to the ISS, Just what is a THINSAT?


#81 >>>  Audio for 11 Apr 2019  Length - 14min (mp3 file)  <<<

Falcon Heavy Launch, Private Moon Landing (BREAKING NEWS audio added as lunar landing spacecraft failed), Photo of Black Hole, is it real?


#80 >>>  Audio for 04 Apr 2019  Length - 10min (mp3 file)  <<<

More on the HAARP RF campaign transmissons...


#79 >>>  Audio for 28 Mar 2019  Length - 15min (mp3 file)  <<<

The latest HAARP RF campaign is all about ART... Transmisson Art and it's called Ghosts in the Air Glow, numerous space related articles


#78 >>>  Audio for 21 Mar 2019  Length - 9min (mp3 file)  <<<

SpaceX Starhopper first static test fire, Spaceship versus aircraft for fast travel, Two spacewalks in one week, New Horizons goes into data mode, & more


#77 >>>  Audio for 14 Mar 2019  Length - 20min (mp3 file)  <<<

Soyuz MS12 launches to ISS, Boeing 737 MAX series of aircraft problems, My article about previous 737 problems, Moon Rocks, Mar 25 - 28 HAARP RF campaign, & more


#76 >>>  Audio for 07 Mar 2019  Length - 30min (mp3 file)  <<<

A Special Interview with Elliot Weaver and Zander Weaver of Elliander Pictures ... The creators of the 2019 Sci-Fi movie COSMOS


#75 >>>  Audio for 28 Feb 2019  Length - 14min (mp3 file)  <<<

Sci-Fi movie COSMOS update, AREA 51 novel update, The Hynek UFO Report book, The Roswell Legacy book, Capt Quinn figurine at Goodwill, Space headlines on my Twitter feed.


#74 >>>  Audio for 21 Feb 2019  Length - 15min (mp3 file)  <<<

The 2019 Sci-Fi movie COSMOS... I got to preview the entire movie, (COSMOS on IMDB ), Space Headlines on my Twitter feed, AREA 51 novel, Space Force versus Space Command, A trip down memory lane.


#73 >>>  Audio for 14 Feb 2019  Length - 15min (mp3 file)  <<<

Mars Rover Opportunity declared DEAD, Actual audio from Mars Rover Opportunity from the surface of Mars (Link to full audio file), History Channel Project Blue Book Series Episode 6, Space Dealers TV show on Netflix.


#72 >>>  Audio for 07 Feb 2019  Length - 15min (mp3 file)  <<<

The new Space Dealers TV show on Netflix , The recent Meteor over Cuba and its meteorites, History Channel Project Blue Book Series Episode 5, Numbers Stations.


#71 >>>  Audio for 29 Jan 2019  Length - 15min (mp3 file)  <<<

The SciFi Movie COSMOS ( Review and Trailer), My Meteorites, History Channel Project Blue Book Series, My Ultima Thule space object Replica.




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