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Space Cowboy... just play that drum


#96 >>>  Audio for 24 July 2019  Length - 33min (mp3 file)  <<<

 SpaceX launching to ISS again, Percentage low for support to Mars and Moon, More about COSMOS Movie, Rosemary Ellen Guiley dies, More Space News , (Starts @15:45min) Update about The Kingdom Of Nye With Heather Wade.






#95 >>>  Audio for 17 July 2019  Length - 35min (mp3 file)  <<<

 Space Gab --- The Premiere of the COSMOS Movie, Apollo 11 50th celebration, Moon landing Tweets , Wade Gab --- The Kingdom Of Nye With Heather Wade talk, Feeding Frenzy on forums and podcasts plus more!



#87 >>>  Audio for 30 May 2019  Length - 10min (mp3 file)  <<<

Aircraft radio monitoring, SpaceX Starlink satellites in orbit, Air Force One arrives in Colorado Springs - Radio traffic of that arrival, President Trump talks about Space Force at AFA.



#86 >>>  Audio for 23 May 2019  Length - 15min (mp3 file)  <<<

The sharing of a radio interview I did with the late Jerry Pippin while we were at the 2009 Roswell UFO Festival. He mentions Stanton Friedman a number of times too.




#85 >>>  Audio for 15 May 2019  Length - 7min (mp3 file)  <<<

UFO researcher Stanton Friedman, dead at 84 - Friedman wanted to write another book (60 years of Ufology) - Hear April 2019 Stanton Friedman interview excerpt, COSMOS The Movie goes to Cannes Film Festival!


 Stanton Friedman on Saturday 11 May 2019. The day of his last speaking event. (Photos from social media sources)



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